My Favourite Things Pt. 1

Since this is a new blog, I thought I would share some of my favourite things with you, so you can get to know me a bit better. I’ve broken it up into more than one post because, let’s be honest, I have a lot of favourite things. They are in no particular order, except which sprang to mind first.

1_terrariums_s&oimage via crown flora

I love terrariums. I guess because they are little forests in a jar. You are able to have a tiny living ecosystem sitting on your nightstand. Or your coffee table.  Or your desk. Or your dinner table. Or a window ledge. Or hanging from the ceiling.


I love dogs. I have lived with a dog since I was 5 years old, and have only been without a dog once, for a year and a half. That year and a half was so strange. No one to greet me at the door, no one so happy to see me they couldn’t hold in their excitement, no one to cuddle up to. But then I got Hazel (the lovely dog in the photo above). She is my dog soul mate, and is always there for me. She’s the sweetest dog around and I’m so lucky to have her! Plus, she just got groomed today, so she smells like flowers.

3_kinfolk_s&oimage via frankly esoteric

I love Kinfolk. Inside its thick matte pages are wonderful photographs, clean design, delicious recipes, beautiful clothing, and immaculate styling, all while being delightfully imperfect. It appeals to all my visual sensibilities. If I could dive in and live the rest of my life amongst their pages, I would. Not to mention their ice cream & flowers editorial, which is still the best use of flowers and ice cream that I have seen.

4_frankie)s&oimage via lucky pony

One fateful day in the fall of 2007, I walked into a Presse Internationale and found Frankie, stuffed behind some alternative fashion magazines on an awkwardly difficult shelf. I pried it out, flipped through, and immediately fell in love. It became my sweet little secret. No one I knew had ever heard of it, and I could only find it at this one small magazine shop. It became my style bible. After a year-long dry spell where I could not find a single Frankie in Toronto, I found they had switched publishers and were no longer shipping to Canada. I instantly signed up for a subscription, and have since been receiving a beautiful, funny, and glorious present in my mailbox every couple of months.

5_spring_s&oimage via the snail & the cyclops

I love spring. Who doesn’t, really? Everything is coming to life again; colours burst forth from the grey doldrums. Especially after the tremendously wicked winter we experienced this year, I am appreciating every second of spring. The perfect temperature allows me to wear all my best clothes without hiding them beneath layers and layers of down coats and sweaters. It’s time to shine again!

This concludes part 1 of my favourite things. Part 2 coming soon!