Nice Things // January

Nice Things_January_SageAndOleander.jpg

Happy 2016!

January is a time to relax, refresh, recharge, and stay cozy. I’ve started to stear away from standard New Years’ resolutions and have decided to focus on the larger picture: treating my body well with good food and relaxation (goodness knows it needs it after this busy autumn).  That’s why my collection of January nice things centres around rejuvenating your body, mind, and spirit. It’s grey and cold outside so cozy up indoors and enjoy some of these nice things to get you through the January blues.

1. Cove Rain bath salts // handmade in Deep Cove, BC, the scents of these mineral bath salts are inspired by the maker’s natural surroundings. Sprinkle some in your bathwater and slip away into a calm, fresh reverie.

2. Speckled clay mug // I’m a big fan of stoneware and speckled pottery. These mugs come in two jaunty handle styles and – most importantly – can hold your warm beverage of choice.

3. Floral kimono // I am in love with these gorgeous kimonos made from hand-printed Indian fabrics. Claire hosted a pop up in my neighbourhood and I had to stop myself from buying them all. Her online shop is coming soon!

4. Sage smudge stick // smudge sticks are an old ritual used for cleansing impurities from a space. Whether you want to cleanse or just love the smell it leaves behind, these are a lovely way to bring balance to your home.

5. Roaming blanket // cozy up in one of Aritzia’s blanket scarves. They keep your neck safe from the cold, and they are large enough to envelop you while marathoning Netflix.

6. Recharge candle // I love the scents of rosemary and mint together. Rosemary is warm and welcoming and mint is fresh and bright. Aptly named ‘Recharge’, I’d keep one of these in every room in the house.

7. 3 Times a Day cookbook // I love this cookbook. Marilou & Alexandre Champagne have created a beautiful collection of recipes and photography, each categorized (‘indulgent’ is a good place to start).

8. Porcelain incense holder // handmade in LA, these one-of-a-kind incense holders are small stunning works of art. An example of something useful and beautiful.

9. 100 Mysteries tea // My favourite tea handmade in Toronto. Filled with coconut, cardamom, almonds, ginger, and black pepper, this rooibos tea is meant to warm and balance the body.