A Sunday Dinner // Brisket


I’d like to share with you my very first food photo with my new 50mm prime lens! I am so proud of how it turned out for a first try.

This Brisket looks so delicious and it isn’t even cooked yet. Just a little seared on the outside, hugged by all the lovely roasting veggies, and drizzled with balsamic, sea salt, and pepper.

This was such a delicious meal, served up alongside some sauteed broccoli and mashed potatoes. The onions, carrots, celery, garlic, cherry tomatoes, and prunes surrounding the meat turned into the most beautiful sweet caramelized medley of flavours and textures. If you make this recipe, definitely keep those ingredients to serve alongside the meat and sauce. It will make the whole dish so much richer.

Click here to get the recipe.


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Thanksgiving Feels

bc7fdc0668173ad9072acc7b551f75e1This past weekend was Thanksgiving – one of my very favourite holidays. I had 3 lovely dinners which filled me to the brim each time. I was surrounded by loved ones, warm drinks, crisp air, and delicious treats. I was lucky enough to spend Sunday in the country at my Aunt’s home in Port Hope. We were blessed with beautiful weather which we took full advantage of, spending most of the day outdoors. To extend this lovely weekend into today, I wanted to share some beautiful images that bring all the feels of Thanksgiving rushing right back.5d6398f59862a869fb5fa2d4884e76bf 7c19e9a3708be7caee662619bdf2f59e 9fd340112e33af8cb2d7877573d09ebe 216ab9457c4ef39e013c67473bc15c77 296a75f4a0448b84c37e770be5704e7d ef6ee7d08f2c5ed223cffe771afb2ca1 QAvenue_BradJen_Friendsgiving_0057Wildflowerbee Brussels SproutsClick an image to be linked to the talented source.
All other sources unknown.

My Favourite Things Pt. 2

Welcome to my second of three posts on my favourite things. You can read the first one over here.

6_anthropologie_s+oimage via august construction solutions

I love Anthropologie. It isn’t just a clothing store, it is a lifestyle wrapped up in a beautiful little box. I first stumbled upon it when I was 16 years old, on a trip to New York City. I was amazed – I’d never seen anything like it! It took 3 years for Anthro to come to Canada, so you can understand my frustration during that time. Needless to say, it fueled a lot of trips to New York. Now there are 3 in the city and my mom and I make an Anthro trip every couple of weeks. If my home could look and smell like Anthro, I’d be happy.

7_shopping_s&oimage via east side flea

Or as I like to call it, hunting & gathering. I love to spend my time browsing craft shows, clothing stores, and independent boutiques, and rummaging around thrift shops, garage sales, and flea markets. To me, it is more than just a shopping trip. I’m a hunter/gatherer. I also keep a keen eye out for neat items that someone might be giving away for free. On my walk home one day, I found a solid wood shelf that was in perfect condition, just sitting on the sidewalk. A perfect salt & pepper shaker or trinket shelf.

8_glasses_s&oimage via bon george

I love glasses. Especially funky, out-of-the-ordinary ones, which I am happy to be seeing more and more of these days. The reason I love them is they pack such a punch; they can carry their own personality and style while still being practical and useful objects. My current favourite pair are some bright yellow square plastic frames I re-purposed from Anthropologie.

9_bohostyle_s&oimage via mariel hannah

I love the bohemian aesthetic. Draped fabrics, flowing dresses, flower head pieces, messy hair, grass stained feet – sounds perfect. I feel I was probably a hippie in my past life.

10_music_s&oimage via marlee meghan

I love music. It’s one of my passions in life. I don’t know how I could ever live without it, and I hope I will never have to. My favourite genres are folk and bluegrass, with a little electro-pop if I’m in the mood.

11_food_s&odelicious image via notions & notations of a novice cook

I love food. I really love food. A lot. Especially pasta. And garlic. I don’t really know what else to say here other than ‘food is wonderful’. I have an entire Pinterest board crammed with food, which is a torture device when I’m looking at it hungry. Never look at food photos when you’re hungry.