Moody Greys


I don’t know what it is about the way I am feeling. Perhaps it is because of all this rain and all the cloud-white days, but this soft grey, beige, and white palate really resonates with me. This moodboard is a summery take on a palate most often associated with winter; the small pops of vibrant green plants keeps otherwise stark images alive. It brings a sense of seasonable ambiguity – is it winter, summer, or spring? Whatever it is, it’s just what I’m feeling today on this moody Monday: serene.

images courtesy of:
matter   |   local milk   |   ashley goldberg   |   scott sharick
remaining sources unknown


There’s Something About Eyeballs

I don’t know what it is, but I have been seeing eyes all over the place! On jewellery, clothing, artwork, homewares – everything! Maybe this is a nod to surrealism, or perhaps a modern reincarnation of the ridiculous prints of the 90s (since fashion seems to be reliving this decade), or a mix of both. Whatever the reason, I like it. It’s quirkier than other graphic prints I’ve seen lately, and it is also kind of creepy. Why the eyes? Who knows. Maybe fashion is all-seeing.

Below is a collection of my favourite eye-related items.
#1 and #8 are made by local Toronto artisans!

Eyeballs_Collection_s+o1. Eyes sweater    2. Eye Eye poster    3. Magical Thinking embroidered eye pillow
4. Odette All Seeing Eye
ring    5. Roxy Marj eye & sunglasses case    6. Eyes print
7. Eye Dress    8. Eyeball card holder    9. Evil Eye
pebbled ring    10. Crying Eye mobile

11. Creatures of Comfort Mischa dress



Welcome to my new blog Sage & Oleander!

I say ‘new’ because I used to write a fashion blog when I was a teenager. I started Vintage Vinyl Musings in 2008 and blogged about my daily outfits, shopping, Toronto places and spaces, and all that fun stuff. As I reached my upper years of university, Vintage Vinyl got neglected in favour of thesis work and a boyfriend.

I’ve grown quite a lot from my 18-year-old self. My style has grown, my tastes have grown, my inspirations have grown, and my experiences have grown. And here is the place where I will share them all with you.

Thank you for reading my welcome and I hope you come back to visit soon!