Aritzia Autumn Goods

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.27.51 AMFall makes me want to clean and purge on any dreary day. However, it also makes me want to shop for new autumn clothes, so I guess they balance each other out.

I used to be an Anthropologie girl through and through, especially when it came to shopping for fall garments. Their textures, patterns, and silhouettes just hit the mark.

I don’t know if the styles have changed or I have, but I’m spending the majority of my shopping time wandering around Aritzia instead. I think Aritzia has upped their game and brought in some truly unique garments the past year. They always have a lovely base colour palette, and this autumn line is no exception. I am loving the burgundy – so warm and cozy! And their scarves… don’t get me started! I can get lost in them.

So amidst my love affair with silks and wools, let me share some items I’ve treated myself to for this fall.

f15_01_a06_56657_6353_on_aFuzzy soft Dexter pant, perfect for those days when there’s a slight chill in the air. They are fancy pants made of combed fleece, like office-appropriate sweatpants. Best of both worlds!f15_01_a02_55975_169_off_aThis Murphy blouse is simple, sleek, and soft. I’ve dressed it up with a pencil skirt for a client meeting, and I’ve worn it with high-waisted jeans for a casual night out.f15_04_a03_56716_1274_on_bThis is the pullover I’ve been dreaming of for a couple of seasons! It is so versatile and easy to wear. The slight crop and mock-turtleneck make it effortlessly stylish.
f15_04_n03_54183_5144_off_b This is my new Haus Party blanket scarf. It’s actually called that. Probably because of the fun abstract pattern, but I like to imagine it’s because at a party, while others are socializing and being general party animals, I will be in the corner getting cozy in my scarf. I thought Aritzia won last year with their Mixed Stripes blanket scarf, but Haus Party has reached a new level.
f15_04_a06_56744_1274_on_cBlack Pants! Like a little black dress, I think a good pair of black pants are essential. These Darontal pants are super stylish, have a flattering fit, are good for work, and have an elastic waistband. Win win win win.
f15_04_a01_47192_5144_on_bMy last new goodie for the fall (so far) is the Anvers t-shirt. I have it in 3 colours already and I love them all. Like most stuff I’ve featured, this t-shirt is very versatile. Because of it’s open back detail it’s perfect for a night out if you don’t feel like getting ‘dressed up’. They’re also the comfiest for hanging around the house, or on warmer days when a full-back shirt just can’t aerate you enough.

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I’m Loving: Flatforms

I’m a 90s kid so I already have a soft spot for platform shoes. They bring back the fondest memories of playing Spice Girls dress up games and wishing I could have both Ginger’s red heeled platforms and Baby’s white lace ups. Now the dream is (slightly more) a reality, thanks to some great shoe designers giving us what we have wanted for decades – fashionable platforms!

Being tall, it’s harder for me to get away with platforms with heels – I’ll save that for the models on the runways. I am much more of a fan of the subtle flat platform (or flatform), elevating you slightly while staying super comfy and looking very edgy and cool.

Below are some of my favourite ways to wear flatforms from some great street style inspirations:


image sources:
StyleCaster   |   The Whitepepper   |   LA Cool & Chic   |   Elle   |   LA Cool & Chic
Chic Trends   |   StyleBistro

Below are my top picks for cute flatforms to wear now:


1. Sol Sana   |   2. Gentle Souls   |   3. Shelly’s London   |   4. Aldo   |   5. Dolce Vita
6. Nice Things   |   7. Dieppa Restrepo   |   8. Aldo

Clothes to Wear Vol. 2

I don’t know about you, but right around this time I get really antsy for picnicking. The weather is beautiful, the sun is shining, the grass is green, and hopefully there isn’t a cloud in the sky. Now I enjoy my fair share of grassy-hill picnicking, though since I live right by the beach, it’s a wonderful time to haul your barbeque and blanket to the sand and enjoy a picnic on the beach. And if you’re as pale as I am, make sure you’ve brought enough sun protection!

Clothes to Wear to a Summer Beach Picnic


1. sun hat    2. bathing suit    3. sunglasses    4. sandals    5. beach towel
6. Instax camera    7. floral shorts    8. organic sunscreen

Since it’s summer time, don’t be afraid to break out the florals and mix and match. It might seem a little daunting, but summer is all about having fun. And instead of using your boring old phone to capture the loveliness of the day, why not opt for a neat retro instant camera? They may not be as instant as instagram, but they’re more unique and you can take the tiny photos home with you.