A Sunday Dinner // Brisket


I’d like to share with you my very first food photo with my new 50mm prime lens! I am so proud of how it turned out for a first try.

This Brisket looks so delicious and it isn’t even cooked yet. Just a little seared on the outside, hugged by all the lovely roasting veggies, and drizzled with balsamic, sea salt, and pepper.

This was such a delicious meal, served up alongside some sauteed broccoli and mashed potatoes. The onions, carrots, celery, garlic, cherry tomatoes, and prunes surrounding the meat turned into the most beautiful sweet caramelized medley of flavours and textures. If you make this recipe, definitely keep those ingredients to serve alongside the meat and sauce. It will make the whole dish so much richer.

Click here to get the recipe.


All photography by Sage & Oleander unless otherwise stated. Please do not reuse without linking back and giving proper credit.


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