There’s Never Enough Time…

6b8812f606c33017478d7186c97f0c23I’m not one to swoon, collect, or display those on-trend “words of wisdom” quotes that seem to grace walls, mugs, linens, et al these days. However, the moment I saw this crayon-scribed Bill Watterson quote, it hit me hard on the insides in a warm and lovely way. This is it! This is what I feel and what I want to say most days. In a sense, doing nothing is doing everything you want. It’s when neither your body nor your mind are preoccupied with the busyness of the day and can truly connect to make wonderful ideas. Or to just be in the moment and take some deep breaths.

I’ve collected some images of all the nothings I want to be doing. They are inspiring and motivating to me, as I hope they can be to you.

Bill Watterson is a genius.


Click an image to be linked to the talented source.
All other sources unknown.


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